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The farm

The farm house

It consist of approximately 900 hectares, to an altitude between the 450 and 950 meters s.l.m., one time divided in more estates in metayer ordering, now mainly to forest vocation.

Natural forests and craft

Beyond 300 hectares of "natural" forests are rich of oaks, chestnut trees, beeches , hornbeams, and many other species more or less sporadic, while approximately 200 hectares of forests, from the beginning of '50 until the beginnings of '80, are constituted from pines, firs, cedars, cypresses and other conifers.

The last jobs

In last the 10 years we realized systems of arboriculture from wood with arboreal different species to the aim to produce rich lumber, which cherry, walnut, ash and oak, pear tree and sorb, for a total of approximately 45 hectares and 40.000 plants.

The free lands from forest surface are constituted mostly from pastures.

To 15 minuts on foot from the farm holiday, inserted in the business property, you have a small lake for the sport peach.