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The Casentino valley

The Casentino valley

Casentino is a valley in centre of Tuscany where art and nature are in perfect equilibrium.

The Casentino is the first valley of the Arno, the largest river in Tuscany, which springs from
Mount Falterona,
crosses the Casentino valley, passing by Stia, Poppi, Bibbiena and shortly before reaching Arezzo it turns its course towards
Florence, and then on to Pisa and the sea.

Il Casentino

Art and religion

The valley is rich in history and art, with its castles, medieval boroughs and Romanesque churches.
The valley is rich of history and art, with its villages as Bibbiena, Saint Castel Niccolò,
and still Montemignaio, Poppi, Stia.

Every village has conserved the features of the medieval age a lot that Poppi is in the province of Arezzo
together to Anghiari, one of the beautiful villages of Italy.

A particular mention is deserved for the convent of La Verna,
founded by St. Francis of Assisi and the monastery of Camaldoli,
founded by St. Romualdo, places of great religious and artistic interest and, in direction to Florence,
the near Abbey of Vallombrosa, founded by St. Giovanni Gualberto.

These are three places of great religious and artistic interest, famous in the world and
privileged destinations for tourists and pilgrims

The natural beauties

The natural beauties of the Casentino are also of special interest, so much so that much of its territory
constitutes the National Park of the Foreste Casentinesi,
Mount Falterona and Campiglia
, with their ancient woods of pines and beech trees,
still populated by deer and numerous other wild animals.