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The Forest National Park

The Forest National Park

The National Park exists from 1993 to protect a big area between Tuscany and Romagna.

The morphological level of the Tuscany is sweeter than the other one and extends from Mugello to Casentino to Penna Mount where you have the Sanctuary of La Verna.

The ancient complex of forests of the "Foreste Demaniali Casentinesi" is the centre of the National Park.

The "Foreste Demaniali Casentinesi"

After many centuries of intense exploitation from the Camaldolites (who drew the firewood to burn, the medicines, the liqueurs, the essences and the scents) the forests poured in one be deplorable of abandonment.

So in first half of century XIX began the statal management of these forests when the engineer boemo Carl Siemoni began an organic plan of reforestation of the "Regie Foreste dell'Alpe Casentinese" for order the Granduca Lepoldo II,

Natural reservoirs

Beyond to the natural biogenetic reservoirs still managed from the State Forestry Corps, parts of this extraordinary patrimony the natural are the reservoir of Sasso Fratino (the first instituted in Italy, in 1959), and the reservoir of Pietra.